Providing you with a broad-based wealth management service

The Brantam Group of Companies was formed in 1987.  Since that time, the company has focused its attention solely on the management of investments for the private client market, with a strong emphasis in the retirement industry, including the employee benefits market.

The Funds used by Brantam were restructured and registered as “Fund of Funds” during the course of 2006 (see Fund Fact Sheets), and these are actively managed by the investment team on a weekly basis. We offer 6 different funds, each one with a different risk profile (see Suite of Funds). By concentrating on only 6 funds, we are able to dedicate much more time and resources to the management of these funds as opposed to trying to manage a multitude of individual portfolios.

It may be prudent to mention at this point that although we are actively involved in assisting clients in retirement planning, employee benefits and the tax consequences of that planning, or simply managing an investment portfolio on their behalf and can give some overall advice on most areas of the Financial Services Sector, we are not registered to provide information pertaining life assurance; short term insurance; tax advice; estate planning or legal matters.

Should a client require an in depth analysis of their full portfolio, it is recommended that the various experts in each area of the above be contacted.

Online Portfolio Access

This facility is available to existing Brantam investors.